A lifecycle approach
to pentesting and
securing products

Smarter testing
builds stronger trust

Stronger application security (AppSec) is the key to ensuring a safer world for businesses and people alike. Partner with WolfPack Security to break the cycle of conducting the same penetration (pen) tests year after year only to have known vulnerabilities go unmitigated.

We lead the pack in bringing security and development teams together to integrate security throughout your development lifecycle to close the gap between finding vulnerabilities and fixing them once and for all. Wolfpack’s lifecycle approach keeps time on the side of defenders working to protect your customers’ data — and trust— with actionable Web, cloud, and mobile security assessments. 

Risk assessment steps to protect development
AppSec as a Service: a lifecycle approach to testing and securing products

Work with experienced test professionals to define AppSec strategies tailored to your business needs. Hands-on Wolfpack experts help you stay ahead of threats before, during, and after pen testing:

Better insights than tools alone

Fast, reliable results – you act before ‘they’ do

Professional services approach with platform economies of scale

We go where you need us
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Custom Assessments for your Digital Assets

Your teams should never have to choose between shipping products quickly and building them securely. Wolfpack Security provides a ‘best of both worlds’ solution that makes it easy to secure your entire development process. We assess your development program and architecture, map target assets to threats, and propose next steps to remediate vulnerabilities and close any gaps in your AppSec lifecycle.

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Elevate your cybersecurity posture with our in-depth application vulnerability assessments.

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Cloud Security Assessment

Future-proof your business with our comprehensive cloud security

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Secure Code Review

Secure your applications from the inside out with expert code

Security Assessments are just the beginning

Appsec as a Service starts with expert security assessing to build better strategies for
vulnerability management (VM), development workflows, and collaboration between teams.

Wolfpack security assessments

Begin with high-level reviews of your program and assets to understand where and how vulnerabilities get introduced, how they impact your business, and why known or existing fixes may never get actioned. We then review the application, identifying vulnerabilities that can impact your business. Our findings will provide you with code snippets, remediation plans and recommendations to apply the high impact fixes into your SDLC.

Hands-on expert & automated testing

Find vulnerabilities in your own systems, then we review third-party libraries to spot risk across your supply chain. 

Comprehensive Reconnaissance

Goes beyond ‘reporting’ and ‘recommending.’ Wolfpack takes a programmatic approach to upleveling your AppSec posture that ensures ‘action’ means ‘action’:

  • Which vulnerabilities to fix first

  • Hands-on remediation services

  • Tools and processes recommendations

Pie chart with Security Assessments, Professional Recommendations, and Remediation & Process Enhancement

Platforms can’t
outthink people

Automated tools are only as strong as the people who tune and use them — and most security teams are forever understaffed. Augment your company’s resources, meet compliance requirements and build secure products by bringing in skilled test professionals (we bring our own tools) to work alongside your Risk Management and Development professionals. Together, we’ll define goals, build a plan, and execute tests to get you to the right actions faster.

Vulnerability assessment completion with Wolfpack Security
Man working on web application security

Hands-on service with the simplicity of tooling

Enjoy the personal touch of professional services with the same ease and affordability as automated testing. After we run the tests, WolfPack experts prioritize the findings and offer step-by-step recommendations for remediating vulnerabilities—or, we can just fix them for you—at a cost comparable to less flexible tooling.

Why run with
the Wolves?

There’s strength — and safety — in numbers. Wolfpack was founded to strengthen the application security community with a simple collaborative approach to building better software. Run with us to strengthen your security, collaboration, and compliance practices faster and keep getting stronger as your business evolves.

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If you’d like to learn more about designing your own tailored pen testing service and the programmatic approaches to building a more collaborative, secure SDLC contact us at howl@wolfpacksecurity.co to arrange a consultation.